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Note: Consult with your physician before starting the 21-Day Purification Program

Jump Start Your Weight Loss With Natural Detoxification

Are you eating healthy and exercising but not seeing much change on your scale? Do you find its getting harder to maintain your weight as you get older? Then going through a doctor-supervised, natural detoxification program may be the answer your looking for. Why purification? Basically to help support our bodies ability to filter the many toxins we are exposed to every day. These substances include chemicals from packaged food, fast food, cleaning products, pollutants in our air and water, preservatives, additives, dyes, insecticides, and many more. You can’t assume your body is ridding istelf from all these toxins.

What problems arise with all these toxins in our systems? Weight gain, fatigue, low sex drive, foggy thinking, poor digestion, constipation, and joint pain. Your body is designed to rid itself from these harmful toxins but for many of us our bodies can become overburdened. The primary organ that helps purify our systems is the liver. But it needs support of essential nutrients in order to function at its optimal best.

Standard Process is a company trusted by chiropractors that uses supplements made with whole, natural food ingredients to help nourish your body. The program actually helps you live a healthy life by encouring positive long-term lifestyle choices.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting purification system to help jumpstart your nutritional program, call our office to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Salse.