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Reviews for Salse Chiropractic

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Auto Accidents

We were involved in an auto collision when another car rear-ened our car and knocked our car into the car in front of us. That gave us both a double jolt. Bob suffered a severe whiplash to his neck and could hardly turn his head to the side. His neck is almost completly well now after being treated by Dr. Salse in just a few weeks.

~ B.H. and M.H.

I was rear-ended at 40 miles per hour as I was stopped at a red light. I was in extreme pain and I needed an answer to my question: what do I do? Within 24 hours I was referred to Dr. Salse. I am usually like a kitten that runs and runs all day, then collapses into a deep sleep, then wakes up and does it all over again. Since the accident, I have been like a wounded animal, shuffling throughout the day because I have to. Now, I am that kitten that I once was. In fact, my neck is more relaxed than before the car accident. In appreciation.

~ E.A.

Best Chiropractor in Monrovia

quote-rightAs a teacher for the past four years, I’ve found that the best teachers are the ones who are continually learning and trying new things. If Dr. Salse was a teacher he would be one of the best. He has kept me informed as to how the adjustments work and lets me know when he has new techniques to try. His confidence and enthusiasm for his job help me to relax and trust his work. His thoughtful, courteous, and helpful staff have made coming to the Doctor even more enjoyable.

~ K.C.

I think of Dr. Salse like my family and friends. His treatments are great and I always feel good afterwards. Sometimes I just like to visit. It’s always a pleasure to see him. Thank you Doc.

~ R.R.

Dr. Salse, you are the smoothest doctor I have ever been to. You make my back and neck feel so good. I leave with a smile. I thank you for your service and God Bless you.

~ J.O.

I used to have very bad backaches. I could not turn my head from side to side for years. Dr. Salse put me back together again. Dr. Salse is the best chiropractor in Monrovia. I guess a good doctor is like a good hamburger. You would go 50 miles for a good doctor and you would go 50 miles for a good hamburger. Than You Dr. David Salse and his great team. I feel so much better now.

~ S.O.

Severe Back, Neck & Chest Pain

You and your staff had a very important part of my healing process both physically and emotionally that I so desperately needed. Immediately following my first treatment, I had relief from severe pain in my back, neck and chest. Prior to treatment, I was hunched over and suffering. Now I feel like a new person thanks to you Dr. Salse. Your caring, concern and kindness along with your warm and friendly smiles are deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten.

~ P.M.

I was suffering from EXCRUCIATING pain in my lower back. With Dr. Salse’s help, there is absolutely no more pain. I highly recommend anyone with a back problem to visit Dr. Salse. he is efficient, kind, and successful at getting to the problem. I am a very satisfied patient.

~ F. L.

Dr. Salse has been an answer to prayer for me and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone having back problems. There are a lot of chiropractors and you need to be sure you get a good one. I can’t stress enough that when choosing Dr. Salse, I feel I got the BEST!!

~ D. N.

I went to Dr. Salse for a severe back problem. He is incredible. His office is very professional, the pricing is excellent, and I felt 100% better since I received care from him. I continue to go get back alignments and i will say for the books that everyone should go to his office for care.

~ M. C.

Migraine Headaches

I have suffered from migraine headaches for approximately ten years. Doctors have tried many types of pills but nothing worked. I started my care with Dr. Salse about 2 months ago and haven’t’ had one since. I recommend everyone, whatever the age, to come in and be seen. I promise, you’ll feel better.

~ T.M.


Diagnosed with Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, chemo and radiation, I began having problems. Prescription medicine did not help. I was having pain in my head, ears, and stomach. I had loss of appetite, problems sleeping, nausea, cold sweats, spasms, the shakes, fatigue, trouble swallowing, and numbness.

I saw Dr. Salse on T.V. and he made sense. Almost immediately the pain in the back of my head went away. Slowly but surely, the other symptoms have abated. My appetite has returned, I sleep well, the spasms and shakes are gone, I have more energy and the depression is diminishing. I give the Lord all the glory for what he has done and is doing in my life. With love and appreciation to Dr. Salse.

~ J.B.

Shaking in Hands

When I first started coming to Dr. Salse, I was a church secretary. When I would get up to read the minutes, I would shake in both hands. Sometimes the paper would fall down from shaking. I would be so ashamed when this would happen. After seeing Dr. Salse, my hands stopped shaking! I just want to thank God first and thank you for your treatment. I feel much better and I don’t shake anymore.

~ M.J.

Help Maintain a Healthy Spine

Dr. Salse has been my chiropractor for nearly a year. He has helped me get rid of back pains that have tortured me for several years. Dr. Salse not only helped me get rid of my pain, he has provided me with ways in which I could exercise to maintain a healthy spine. He is such a good doctor that I referred my wife and children.

~ J. R.

I feel 20 Years Younger!

Although I had always felt very negative toward chiropractors, I decided to see Dr. Salse. I found him to be a warm and compassionate person. He was considerate of my age and well worn bones. Only after a few weeks of care, I was able to walk more upright, the spasms had disappeared, and I felt twenty years younger. Dr. Salse, I want to thank you for adding more quality time to my life.

~ A. T.

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