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Monrovia Chiropractor for Revitalized Health

Renew Your Well-being at Salse Chiropractic

  • A well-known, experienced chiropractor skilled in the art of chiropractic healing.
  • A place to have your pain relieved and start your journey toward optimal health.
  • A caring team like no other that shows you the utmost care and respect.
  • A variety of solutions, customized to suit your healthcare needs.

You’ll find all this and more at Salse Chiropractic. Monrovia chiropractor, Dr. David M. Salse, D.C. is dedicated to relieving your pain and optimizing your health. We’ll assist you in staying healthy through natural, safe and effective chiropractic care!

A Calming, Effective Healing Experience

You might be wondering what makes our practice different from the other doctor’s offices you’ve been to before. Salse Chiropractic stands out by providing you with a refreshing, tranquil environment in which to begin your journey to wellness. Our team truly cares for each of our patients and strives to give them an amazing experience at our family-friendly practice.

You Deserve the Best!

With an emphasis on auto accident injuries, we specialize in providing high-quality chiropractic care and massage therapy from experienced professionals. With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Salse has extensive knowledge that will be used to benefit you and your entire family.

Chiropractic allows your body to use its natural healing abilities by removing any misalignments in your spine. Massage therapy makes a great addition to your care, allowing for a complete healing experience.

We’re ready to teach you how chiropractic care can help you and your family stay healthy. Speak with us today to schedule your appointment!

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