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Personal Injury /Car Accident/Lien Case: Call Salse Chiropractic in Monrovia Now



img_0761f.jpgARCADIA-MONROVIA-DUARTE:  You just received a call from the insurance company agent of the person who hit you.  You were surprised at how friendly they were.  You were told that you can see any doctor and they will pay the bill.  Who do you go to? Do I need a medical doctor or a chiropractor? Should I get an attorney?  I heard that if I don’t take care of this now, it could come back and haunt me when I’m older.  How do I find a doctor that specializes in auto accident injuryies?  If any of this describes you, please read on.    Dr. David Salse, DC specializes in med/legal evaluation and treatment for personal injury auto accident cases.  Most important, he will personally be there for you every step of the way in your recovery.One of the big reasons people don’t come in for care is because they are worried about the cost.

Why do many doctors refuse to accept auto injury cases?  Simply put, they do not want wait sometimes years to get paid and they don’t want to get involved in the med-legal system.  This sometimes requires depositions and court appearances which take time out of a doctor’s busy schedule.


Why are people scared to get checked by a chiropractor?  The biggest reason is not knowing how much it will cost.  Because we accept attorney liens, med-pay (a benefit of your own car insurance) or bill the at-fault party’s insurance company, care may cost you absolutely nothing! office accepts forms of payment many other doctors won’t .  Another reason patients are reluctant to come in is because they are scared.  Rest assured, we have therapy techniques that are painless and very gentle.

Pre-qualified and pre-screened and with over a twenty year track record, there is no need to worry about unfair lien negotiations, late med/legal reports, poor patient care, and weak and inaccurate medical reports.  This office has worked with hundreds of satisfied personal injury  and over  ten thousand auto accident patients.  If called as an expert witness or for a deposition you can rest assured our doctor is experienced and prepared for depositions and court if necessary.

Our specialty is chiropractic which is the most used specialty for neuromusculoskeletal injuries.  We are licensed by the State of California with an excellent reputation in the community.  If the need arises for other specialists, our office is affiliated with qualified orthopedists, and neurologists.

Some of our patients come directly from local hospitals after being treated at the Emergency Rooms such as Methodist Hospital of Southern California, Foothill Presbyterian, and Citrus Valley Medical Center – Queen Of The Valley.  Other patients have been referred to us by attorneys and auto insurance adjusters.  The largest group of referrals comes from reading our online reviews and from friends and family.

Call today.  If you have any further questions, feel free to call our office and ask to speak to Dr. Salse personally about your health concerns.

David M. Salse, D.C., 694 W. Foothill Blvd., Monrovia, CA  91016.  (626) 256-3422.  Check our reviews on