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Have you Considered Incorporating Chiropractic Into Your Active Lifestyle?

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How does chiropractic support an active lifestyle?

Basically, if your spine is in not healthy, you will eventually not be able to participate in the activities you once enjoyed.  Spinal decay occurs slowly over a period of many years and like many other diseases, it may not show any symptoms.  Some patients think it was from sleeping wrong or just lifting improperly and that may be the case.  Other times its that the problem was actually building up over a period of years without you even knowing.   For example, stress to our spines when we are younger such as poor posture, car accidents or sport injuries can come back and haunt us years later.  Whether you are an avid runner, hiker, bike rider, golfer, or other type of sports enthusiast, studies reveal that staying active is important to our overall health.  Preventing or correcting spinal problems today is one of the best things you can do for your body now and in the future.  Subluxations of the spine, commonly known as joint dysfunctions, can negatively affect proper nerve communication from the brain to the body-often resulting in pain and discomfort. What benefits can athletes and other active individuals hope to achieve by incorporating chiropractic into their lifestyle? Patients report increased flexibility and performance, increased range of motion, natural pain relief from joint pain, and decreased recovery time after workouts.  Many professional  and Olympic athletes routinely use chiropractic care to help recover from neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, TMJ syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other joint an muscle pains. Perhaps you or someone you know would benefit from chiropractic care.  We are accepting new patients currently and offer a free initial consultation to review your health concerns.

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